Supra AV3 3RCA-3RCA Component Video Interconnect Cable - 1M


Component Video Cables with the AV-3 or AnCo Cable
Component Video (Y/Cb/Cr) is a better standard as it separates one step further than the S-video which in turn is better than the Composite and S-video.

Component video cables with 3 parallel Anco cables for highest transfer quality.

Note! Component video is not compatible with RGB.

Analogue Component means that color (chroma) and light intensity (luminance) is separated into three information parts, namely Y, R-Y and B-Y:
Y signal contains luminance- and synchronising information.
R – Y signal is red minus luminance
B – Y signal is blue minus luminance
The component connectors are usually marked YPbPr. Sometimes they are wrongly marked Y/Cb/Cr (digital component), YUV or RGB. Component Video is a high-quality transfer technique and can handle resolutions up to 1080p.

AV-3 Component Video

The component cables are available in different combinations with RCA, BNC, Scart, VGA, and DVI connectors. All connectors are screened.
Application example: DVD to TV/Projector.

Best Buy 03 3RCA-3RCA
Our most sold component video interconnect. A worldwide test winner. AV-3 3RCA-3RCA is an interconnects with Supra RCA-3 plugs.
Application examples: DVD to LCD/Plasma.

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Product Code SUP-1001900446
Manufacturer Product Code N/A
Length 0.2m - 1m
Manufacturer Supra Cables
Command Sets N/A