Supra 2.5mm2 Terminated Lorad Mains Flex Cable (AU Plug) - 1.5M

Screened cord set with LoRad 3x2.5 mm² cable, SWF10 female connector (IEC-320) and AU male plug.
Current rating 10A


The benefits of LoRad have been established for some time now - as the cable is one of the few available worldwide that is fully CE approved. The main benefit is the shielding which helps to ensure that other low level signal cables are not affected by the close proximity of the LoRad mains cable - induced RF interference has been one of the biggest bug-bears of high quality audio and video reproduction and so by equipping one's hi-fi or AV system with LoRad, you should both see and hear a difference.

LoRad 2.5
3x 2.5mm sq. cores of tin-plated multi-stranded OFC cable
External Diameter: 11mm
Brown (Live), Blue (Neutral) and Green/Yellow (Earth) coloured insulation jackets.
Semi-conductive earth insulation - no drain wires !!
High quality 99.99% coverage foil screen
Highly flexible outer insulation (easily passed CE-regulation 2x 30,000x "bends" test !!)
Approx. 16A rating (@ 230V)

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Product Code SUP-3004100099
Manufacturer Product Code N/A
Length 1.5m
Manufacturer Supra Cables
Command Sets N/A