Yamaha WXA-50 Lifestyle Audio

The WXA-50 is a flexible 2.1 channel amplifier capable of effortlessly powering any pair of speakers. Its convenient design makes it perfect to pair with in-ceiling or outdoor speakers where long speaker cable runs are not possible.

It lets you access a wide variety of audio content such as music from streaming services or stored on a smartphone, and enjoy high quality sound and style thanks to the ability to network with Yamaha’s exclusive MusicCast multi-room audio system. High functionality and performance bring you musical enjoyment just the way you want it.

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Easily add a room of Audio with any pair of speakers

Simply by adding the WXA-50 to a pair of speaker's, you can easily enjoy your favourite music sources and share them through out your home to other MusicCast multi-room speakers and components.

Yamaha WXA-50 Lifestyle Audio

Stream the Same or Different Music to Each Room

Play the same song in multiple rooms, or play different songs in each room. With MusicCast, freely enjoy the music you love anywhere in your home.

Yamaha Lifestyle Audio

Anywhere, Any Style

Only 214 mm (8-3/8") wide, the compact body fits neatly in any space without drawing attention to itself. You can chose any convenient location, placing it horizontally or vertically, on its own or with other audio components.

Yamaha Anywhere, Any Style

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  1. New Yamaha Musiccast Receivers available Soon New Yamaha Musiccast Receivers available Soon Yamaha has announced 2 new additions to their award-winning multi-room audio system, MusicCast.. As part of the EXPAND Series, the WXA-50 Amplifier and WXC-50 Pre-Amplifier represents a new concept that goes beyond conventional thinking about audio. The compact design makes it easier than ever before to bring sound to additional areas using in-ceiling or outdoor speakers. Alternatively the Pre-amp can be used to bring much-loved audio equipment i
Rated Output Power 70 W + 70 W (6 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.06 % THD, 2-ch driven)
Maximum Output Power 90 W + 90 W (6 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.9 % THD, 1-ch driven)
Network sectionDLNA Version 1.5
Wi-Fi Yes
AirPlay Yes
Bluetooth Yes (SBC / AAC)
Pure Direct Yes
Total Harmonic Distortion (20 Hz-20 kHz) 0.02 % (SP out)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 110 dB (Opt / Net / USB / Bluetooth in) / 98 dB (AUX in)
Audio In / Out 1 / 1
Digital In / Out 1 (Optical)
USB Input 1
Ethernet 1
Subwoofer Out 1
Remote In / Out 1 / 0
Control (Trigger) In / Out 1 / 1
Standby Power Consumption 1.92 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 215 x 51.5 x 251.4 mm (with antenna: 214 x 123.6 x 251.4 mm); 8-3/8” x 2” x 9-5/8” (with antenna: 8-3/8” x 4-7/8” x 9-5/8”)
Weight 1.94 kg; 4.28 lbs.