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Dune HD Smart D1

Dune HD Smart D1
Brand: HDI Dune
Product Code:Dune HD Smart D1
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WiFi Network Support:

Digital TV Support:

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Dune HD Smart D1

Dune HD Smart D1 front view
Dune HD Smart D1 Dune HD Smart D1 Dune HD Smart D1

Dune HD Smart D1 back view
Dune HD Smart D1


Dune HD Smart D1 is an all-in-one solution for up to Full HD (1080p) video playback.

Key Features

  • The newest Sigma Designs 8642/8643 media processor: enjoy excellent playback and performance of interactive features.
  • HDD player: connect an HDD to the player and play content directly from the HDD.
  • Network player: connect the player to a local network and play content directly from PC or NAS (UPnP, SMB, NFS).
  • MKV player: play HD and SD video in a popular MKV format and other modern video file formats, including top quality HD video with very high bitrate.
  • RealD: watch 3D video in this ultra modern format used in cinema for the latest movies.
  • HD audio: enjoy top-quality audio tracks (Dolby True HD, DTS HD Master Audio, LPCM, FLAC).
  • 3 USB ports: conveniently connect HDDs, USB flash drives, USB card readers and other USB storage devices.
  • eSATA port: connect an HDD via the most efficient eSATA interface.
  • Internal HDD option: use an optional 3.5' SATA HDD installed directly inside the player.
  • USB slave port: easily and quickly transfer files between the HDD in the player (when installed) and a PC.
  • SD card slot: easily play media files on SD memory cards from your camera or other devices, or use an SD memory card as a local or system storage (required for BD Live function).
  • HDMI 1.3: ensure the best possible quality of HD video and HD audio.
  • A rich set of standard A/V connectors: use S/PDIF optical audio, stereo audio, component video, composite video outputs to easily connect any A/V equipment.
  • Flexible support for Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio: output as bitstream or decode to LPCM for flexibility when connecting audio equipment.
  • Video output flexibility: output video in any resolution and format (from SD to 1080p, 24p/PAL/NTSC).
  • Upscaling: high quality upscaling of DVD and any other SD video content to Full HD (1080p) or other HD resolution.
  • File browser: convenient file browser with powerful file management (copy, move, delete, rename, organize, sort).
  • The best basis for multi-component Dune HD Smart system: built-in VFD display helps to build the most feature-rich solution.

Extra Functions

  • High-quality music playback: play very high-quality (up to 192 Khz / 24-bit) music files in various formats (FLAC, Monkey's Audio APE, WAV/PCM, DTS, etc).
  • Playlists: build playlists from your folders, use your own playlists, use repeat and shuffle functions.
  • NAS function: access files on storage devices (HDD, optical drive, etc) attached to the player from the local network (using SMB or FTP).
  • BitTorrent: use built-in BitTorrent client to download files from P2P networks.
  • Customizable user interface: work with media collections using cover art and icon browsing (with Full HD graphics).
  • Flash applications: extend the player functionality with FlashLite applications.
  • Internet radio: playback and record various Internet radio stations (HTTP/MP3).
  • IPTV: playback and record IPTV streams (multicast UDP/RTP) from your Internet provider (check availability of multicast UDP/RTP streams with your Internet provider).
  • Digital TV option: playback and record Digital TV channels using an optional Digital TV USB dongle (Digital TV USB dongle is not included; this option can be purchased separately).
  • Internet browsing: view Internet Web sites on your TV using the built-in Web browser (built-in Web browser has limitations and may not allow to view some Internet Web sites).


  • Processor: Sigma Designs 8642/8643
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Flash memory: 128 MB, expandable with a HDD partition, USB flash drive, or SD card (2GB recommended)
  • Media sources: internal HDD (SATA 3.5”), external HDD (USB, eSATA), external optical drive (USB, eSATA), USB devices (USB flash drive, USB card reader, etc), built-in SD card reader (SD/SDHC), PC and NAS in local network (SMB, NFS, UPnP, HTTP), other Internet and local network media sources (HTTP, multicast UDP/RTP)
  • Video codecs: MPEG2, MPEG4, XVID, WMV9, VC1, H.264; support for very high bitrate video (up to 50 MBit/s and higher)
  • Video file formats: MKV, MPEG-TS, MPEG-PS, M2TS, VOB, AVI, MOV, MP4, QT, ASF, WMV, Blu-ray-ISO, BDMV, DVD-ISO, VIDEO_TS
  • Optical disc formats: data discs (CD/DVD/BD) (MP3, JPEG, etc), Audio CD (PCM/DTS), DVD-Video (retail and user-authored discs), Blu-ray (retail and user-authored discs) *
  • Blu-ray playback: Blu-ray menu, BD-J, BonusView, BD-Live – for both Blu-ray discs (retail and user-authored) (*) and full Blu-ray structures (Blu-ray-ISO, BDMV) played from HDD and network
  • Video output modes: wide range of supported output resolutions (up to 1080p) and framerates (including 23.976p, 24p, PAL, NTSC)
  • Video output framerate: automatic (according to the played content) and manual
  • Audio codecs: AC3 (Dolby Digital), DTS, MPEG, AAC, LPCM, WMA, WMAPro, EAC3 (Dolby Digital Plus), Dolby True HD, DTS HD High Resolution Audio, DTS HD Master Audio, FLAC, multichannel FLAC, Ogg/Vorbis; support for very high quality audio (up to 192 kHz / 24-bit)
  • Audio file formats: MP3, MPA, M4A, WMA, FLAC, APE (Monkey’s Audio), Ogg/Vorbis, WAV, DTS-WAV, DTS, AC3, AAC
  • HD audio support: pass-through (up to 7.1 channels) and decoding (up to 7.1 channels) of Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD MA audiotracks (Blu-ray, TS, MKV), pass-through (up to 7.1 channels) of multichannel LPCM audiotracks (Blu-ray, TS, MKV), decoding (up to 7.1 channels) of FLAC audiotracks (MKV, external)
  • Subtitle formats: SRT (external), SUB (MicroDVD) (external), text (MKV), SSA/ASS (MKV, external), VobSub (MP4, MKV, external SUB/IDX), PGS (Blu-ray, TS, MKV)
  • Picture file formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF
  • Playlist file formats: M3U, PLS
  • Photo viewer functions: slideshow, transition effects, picture rotation, zoom, browse playlist, repeat, shuffle
  • Audio playback functions: browse playlist, repeat, shuffle, ID3 tags, plasma TV burn-in prevention
  • Filesystems: FAT16/FAT32 (read-write), EXT2/EXT3 (read-write), NTFS (read-write)
  • Ethernet: 10/100 Mbit
  • WiFi: optional 802.11n WiFi (via an external USB WiFi stick, not included, D-Link DWA-140 recommended)
  • Dune Network Playback Accelerator: special optimizations ensuring best-in-class network playback performance for the Sigma Designs 864x platform and enabling smooth playback of any supported kind of media content via any network protocol (including NFS and SMB) even in 100 Mbit/s Ethernet networks.

Modular System of Player Configuration

Dune HD Smart players allow to create custom configurations based on the primary (head) unit like Dune HD Smart B1/H1/D1 and several optional extension modules of choice, which can be combined to form an integrated player. 

The Dune HD Smart player itself is a head unit which can be extended at user's desire with extension modules, such as the following:
  • Dune HD Smart HE (adds the option for easy installation of SATA 3.5' HDD with hot swap feature).
  • Dune HD Smart ME (adds the option for installing different additional modules, in particular, for reception of satellite, cable or digital terrestrial TV).
  • Dune HD Smart BE (adds the option for Blu-ray/DVD/CD playback) (including commercial Blu-ray/DVD discs).
Extension modules can work exclusively with the head unit (Dune HD Smart player) and use a common control system, implemented via the head unit. The number of connected modules may vary in a wide range: the user can compile his/her own Dune HD Smart system of e.g. two, three and even six components. 

In order to group SMART devices by 2 or 3 horizontally, special mounts can be used. For example, a group of 3 modules, including the head unit, combined this way, will comprise a new player of a standard size like the model Dune HD Max

Besides, grouping the required number of modules allows to supersede the functionality of Dune HD Max, providing more flexibility at the same time. In particular, the modular approach provides the possibility to group modules in any order at any time depending on user's demands, as well as replacing (upgrading) particular modules instead of replacing the entire set of equipment.

Package Contents

  • Dune HD Smart D1 media player
  • Remote control (batteries may not be included)
  • HDMI cable
  • AV cable
  • Power supply cord
  • External power supply
  • Quick start guide
  • Additional items (optional) may be included into the package, depending on player configuration, region, and distributor.


  • Player itself without legs: 142 mm (width) x 276 mm (depth) x 56 mm (height)
  • Player itself with legs: 142 mm (width) x 276 mm (depth) x 65 mm (height)
  • Gift box: 100 mm x 270 mm x 322 mm


  • Net weight: 1.9 kg
  • Gross weight: 2.3 kg

Country of origin



One-year warranty.

Hi-res pictures

Hi-res Dune HD Smart D1 pictures

User manual

Dune HD Smart D1 user manual

Adding new features

You can vote for the features which have the biggest priority for adding to Dune players according to your opinion. We promise to take into account the result of this voting in our work on the new firmware releases. 
Features voting


Dune HD Smart D1 Firmware


  • * Playback of optical discs requires an external optical drive. Playback of retail Blu-ray discs requires Dune HD Smart BE extension module.
  • Compatibility of the player with a particular equipment (A/V equipment, network equipment, disk drives, etc) may depend on particular equipment model, specifics of equipment installation, specifics of the configuration of the player and equipment, and other factors; compatibility of the player with any equipment is not guaranteed.
  • Compatibility of the player with a particular media content (files, discs, etc) may depend on specifics of media content encoding, specifics of the configuration of the player and player-connected equipment, and other factors; compatibility of the player with arbitrary media content is not guaranteed.
  • Product images may be imprecise and may have some differences in comparison with the real look of the product.
  • Accuracy of the information is not guaranteed; specifications are subject to change w/o notice.



Digital TV (DVB-T) Support

Digital TV playback requires Dune HD 3.0 or later players, firmware which was released later than 2010-06-30 (110606_1315 or later is strongly recommended) and an external Digital TV Tuner (which is not included). At this time, only the official Dune HD USB DVB-T Digital TV tuner which has been tested and approved for operation by HDI/DuneHD, and Gadget Shop Online is unaware of any other compatible tuners. 

Gadget Shop Online strongly recommends the use of a full-sized rooftop antenna or TV aerial optimised for Digital TV. The official antenna included with the HDI Digital TV tuner may be insufficient for many users. 



When using an internal HDD, HDI strongly recommends the use of drives designed to operate at low RPM and low temperature. Such HDD's generally only have 1 or 2 platters, and are often marketed as "eco-friendly". An example of such a drive is the 5900RPM 3.5" Seagate Barracuda Green/LP, Western Digital 500GB WD5000AACS (500GB, 5400RPM, 2 platters) or Seagate ST31000528AS (1000GB, 7200 RPM, 2 platters). 

Warning: Use of high RPM drives such as the 10,000rpm WD Raptors or Seagate ST31500341AS (1500 GB, 7200 RPM, 4 platters) are likely to result in damage to the drive and possibly the unit.

When connecting external drives, we recommend using eSata connections instead of USB when possible and that all external drives are powered using an external power source. Gadget Shop Online strongly recommends against using USB hubs for the Dune HD. 


Wifi / Wireless Networking:

Dune strongly recommends the official Dune HD Air Wireless adapter to those who wish to extend their Dune HD to include Wireless networking capabilities. The Dune HD Air supports 802.11b/g/n and both WEP and WPA standards. There are 2 other alternatives, which may also work:

  • HDI has tested and confirmed that the D-Link DWA-140 (Rev B1 only) adapter will operate correctly with the Dune media players. Keep in mind that other revisions of the DWA-140 may not operate correctly
  • Ethernet-to-wifi bridges, whilst offering a lower level of integration with the dune interface, may also operate correctly. Initial configuration may need to be performed using a computer first. When using a wifi bridge, the Dune HD network setup will need to be configured to use ethernet, NOT wireless. Whilst we have tested the Netgear WNCE2001 Universal Wifi Internet Adapter successfully, we are unable to guarantee the compatibility of wireless bridges, as they remain untested by HDI.

For further technical information regarding which wireless chipsets are supported, please refer to Dune's official Hardware Compatibility page.



Dune Cover Art

To display album/cover art on your Dune HD, you should use a program such as Zappiti which automatically locates the cover/album art on the internet and generates an interface for the Dune to use. There are numerous tutorials available on the internet which may be useful. If you decide to use Zappiti, at this time (July, 2011) we recommend using a previous version of the software, as we have found numerous bugs with the latest versions. Some countries may have copyright laws which prohibit the scraping of album art (please check local laws). We have a tutorial available which details the usage of Zappiti.



IP Control of Dune HD

All Dune 3.0 players and later (Sigma 864x/865x based media players) with firmware 110127_2105 Beta or later can be controlled over network using TCP/IP. Remote control possibilities include remote control and jukebox applications. Applications are already available for numerous devices including iOS and Android devices.

More information is available from Dune's TCP/IP Control documentation.



Intermittant Blank screen on Dune or/and BLACK written on front LCD display.

The Dune HD firmware includes a power saving function which allows Dune HD units to be set to a "black screen". By default, when using the included remote control this option must be manually enabled if required. However, when integrating with home automation systems, by default, some systems may default to the black screen (depending on their configuration). Generally, the blank screen setting is used in commercial scenarios to hide the main menu when media playback stops. To exit black screen mode, press the play button on the front of the player (if it has one), or press enter on the remote control. To disable black screen permanently:

  1. Navigate to Setup,Miscellaneous,Power Management and ensure that "power on" is set to "main menu".
  2. If using a home automation system or 3rd party remote control application, identify if the problem also occurs with the official Dune remote control included with the unit. If the problem only occurs with 3rd party remotes, report the problem to your home automation manufacturer or installer, as the home automation settings may be incorrect.


"System storage not attached" error when updating firmware

This message occurs when a storage device hasn't been connected to the Dune HD when updating its firmware. Either internal storage or external storage (such as USB Flash drives) must be connected to solve this issue. The storage device must be formatted and contain sufficient free space. New firmware versions allow builtin flash memory to be utilised during system firmware, which may eliminate the need for storage to be attached during most future firmware upgrades.



Supported Harddisk Partition formats

Dune HD 3.0 players (and later) support the following partition formats:

  • FAT16/FAT32 (Windows)
  • EXT2/EXT3 (Linux)
  • NTFS (Windows). Read/Write is fully supported by Dune 3.0 and later players. Some players may require the latest firmware to support writing to NTFS partitions.

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